Executive Council 2017-2018

Committee Co-Chairs (soon to be updated for Spring 2018)

Department Representatives

Education - Amanda MacCormac (maccat16@wfu.edu)

Molecular and Cellular Biosciences - Hema Sivakumar (hsivkum@wakehealth.edu)

Clinical and Population Translational Science (CPTS) / Public Health - Ashmitha Raja (raja@wakehealth.edu)

Molecular Medicine and Translational Sciences (MMTS) - Steven Leung (sleung@wakehealth.edu)

Psychology - Lauren Collier (collla15@wfu.edu)

Neuroscience - Dorothy Dobbins (dldobbin@wakehealth.edu)

Interpreting Science in Healthcare - Kela Plater (platal0@wfu.edu)

Biology - Mary Carmichael (carmmj12@wfu.edu)

Bioethics - Douglas Lemley (lemlde15@wfu.edu)

Masters of Biomedical Sciences - Kevin Cortese (kcortese@wakehealth.edu)

Cancer Biology - Anthony Dominijanni (adominij@wakehealth.edu)

Chemistry - Ronald Nelson, Jr. (nelsra12@wfu.edu)

Health & Exercise Science - Stephen Powers (powesa16@wfu.edu)

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